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A celebration of Toronto's unique, multi-cultural, musical legacy.

The Toronto Music Experience is a bold new cultural destination that celebrates the music, its creators and performers of Toronto – past, present and future. Located in an accessible downtown location, TME will preserve and showcase the city’s unique music history across all genres, including jazz, blues, classical, pop, folk, rock, reggae, hip-hop, latin, Indigenous, electronic and world music.

TME will not only honour the city’s musical past, but present current artists and music of Toronto today.  And through educational and public programs, exhibitions, events and performances, it will inspire future generations of performers, writers, artists and music industry leaders and foster a love and appreciation for music. 



The Toronto Music Experience (TME) celebrates Toronto’s extraordinary multicultural music legacy and empowers our creative future.



Through preservation and presentations, TME aims to inspire music lovers with museum exhibitions, events and programs that explore the city’s unique and diverse music culture, past and present.

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